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Recent Blog Posts

Vegan week in Vietnam

2013年08月19日, 01:20上午 |

For quite a while we've been talking about the merits of having vegetarian or vegan weeks on site at our sanctuaries in China and Vietnam. We do, of course, have choices of plant-based food for our staff – but we’ve never had a whole week where everyone ate meals without any animal products at all.


Germany's passionate supporters

2013年08月16日, 02:22上午 |

After the fabulous experiences in England recently, where so many supporters have been helping our programmes, it’s time to highlight some equally wonderful people and events in Germany.


An anniversary blessed by a rainbow

2013年08月11日, 09:00上午 |

Thank you all so, so much for the beautiful messages of congratulations and support for our 15th Anniversary on the 8th August. Every message was special, and here, representing them all, was the one received from my beautiful friend, mentor and our UK Patron, Virginia McKenna OBE.


Where did these past 15 years go?

2013年08月08日, 01:01上午 |

That memorable day in Hong Kong, as a small team and some enthusiastic animal therapy Dr Dogs clambered onto an open-top bus, resplendent in banners and balloons, and launched Animals Asia on the 8th of August 1998.


Lesley meets our Dr Dog teams

2013年07月31日, 22:42下午 |

Lovely Lesley Nicol's visit was initially organised so that she could come along and meet the bears – and naturally, so that they could benefit from all her kindness in talking about them once she returned home!


Back from the brink - again

2013年07月31日, 15:08下午 |

Now that the rain has eased and the flood waters have finally receded at our bear sanctuary in Chengdu, I'd like to take this opportunity to say a huge and heartfelt thank you to everyone who rose so superbly to the challenge and helped us so generously in fund raising for repairs.


Passionate people and inspiring poetry

2013年07月14日, 09:51上午 |

Following all the excitement of hosting UK actress and celebrity Lesley Nicol on site with the bears in Chengdu, it was off to the UK to join our fabulous team in some fundraising and awareness events, and catch up with old and new friends.


What a perfect way to start an early summer’s afternoon in Chengdu – meeting Lesley Nicol and her husband Da’aboth off their flight from the UK. Despite about 24 hours of travel and little sleep, both were bright eyed and bushy tailed and raring to see the bears.


Growing for the bears

2013年06月19日, 07:34上午 |

Our Australia Director Anne Lloyd-Jones has just written about a group of special needs children getting behind the bears, which has ultimately seen both animals and children benefiting from the project. The class is taught by Christine Wilkie, and also Robby Alcorn who is the partner of Animals Asia Ambassador Peter Northcote who, together with Robby and her class so generously sponsors one of our bears in Vietnam - Peter Robert Baynes.


Xue Zhi Lin - our Chengdu team hero

2013年06月17日, 05:54上午 |

Messages like this don't arrive in our inboxes very often thank goodness, but the message below from Saladin Zhu, our China PR new media officer, shows that one little boy had a very lucky escape last weekend: