The world’s cutest moon bear house swap. It’s moon bear moving day.

25 June 2020

The bear care teams at our Vietnam Bear Rescue Centre have been busy preparing for a big house move. The bears in House Six and House Seven are swapping dens and enclosures.

These moves are designed to make more space for new arrivals, by making sure the carefully integrated groups are in the right houses for the size of each group. Also a change of scenery is a great enrichment experience for the rescued moon bears, giving them new space to explore, forage and new furniture to rest and play on.

Bear Team Manager Amanda Catspell said:

“We managed to move 34 bears over the course of one morning. It all went really smoothly, and that’s thanks to our amazing and dedicated team here at the sanctuary. One of the great things was that because of all of the work we’ve put in, building trust and training the bears to participate in their own care, all of the bears voluntarily entered our transport cages before being moved to their new homes.”

Bubu plays with a feeder puzzle

The team made sure that their new dens were full of treats and other enrichment items to keep them stimulated while they explored their new spaces. The bears are all settling in really well and our teams will monitor them closely to see if the change in location impacts any of the group dynamics. 

Merlin enjoys the hammock

One of the bears, Ivy, who moved from House Six to House Seven took advantage of her housemates’ hesitance to explore and grabbed the first splash around in the pool all to herself. The group that moved from House Seven into House Six were a lot bolder and they rushed out to explore the enclosure and figure out the best spots for foraging, climbing, playing and relaxing.

Olly plays with the structure

We’re only able to give these rescued bears such fantastic space and care thanks to supporters like you and partners like Miomojo, the ethical Italian fashion brand. They donate a percentage of all their profits to Animals Asia and an extra amount from their exclusive Animals Asia series of bags and accessories.

Our amazing and dedicated team would like to say a huge thank you for all your amazing support. The bears we care for are lucky to have such a loving family from all around the world.