15 best rescued bear Vines that are guaranteed to make you smile

27 August 2015

Bears making the most of the new enclosure, VBRC

At Animals Asia, we love nothing more than to bring you closer to the bears whose care is only possible thanks to your support.

One way to catch the countless magic moments in a moon bear’s life at one of our sanctuaries is Vine, a moving image that’s worth a thousand words.

Here’s our top 15 from the more than 100 currently available to view online.


No one is quite sure what this moon bear thinks he’s doing, but we’re delighted that it was captured on video.

2/ When Goldie met Big Red

When sun bear cub Goldie arrived at our Vietnam sanctuary as a cub, the team did everything they could to make sure the young orphan was kept stimulated and had plenty of toys to play with. One of the best was his favourite ball, Big Red.

3/ Moon Bear Pool Party

When temperatures soar over 30C, moon bears know what to do - hit the pool on mass. And this is what a moon bear pool party looks like.

4/ Bear Bubbles

Cub siblings Rain and Nora JamJack are two of the 32 cubs who have grown up at our Vietnam sanctuary. A major part of sanctuary life is keeping these youngsters healthy and happy - here the duo had very different reactions to a tub of bubble bath.

5/ Play Time at Last

Peter and Shamrock were rescued from a horrific bear bile farm in China where they endured more than a decade of confinement and agony. So when they were finally able to once again walk on grass, they certainly made the most of it.

6/ Mirror Mirror

Not a mirror image – just a game of synchronised tig!

7/ A Bear on a Swing

Simple pleasures – the very definition of carefree.

8/ Splash Time

This footage of Georges going splash happy in his paddling pool was a huge hit and made thousands of people very happy - but not as happy as Georges that summer’s afternoon.

9/ The Bear Necessities

Baloo was everyone’s favourite Jungle Book character, and if like us you couldn’t watch the big bear scratch his back on a coconut tree without wanting to join in too - this Vine will make you very happy.

10/ Life's Better Together

Sun bears Layla and Sassy arrived at our Vietnam sanctuary as cubs and sadly had to grow up alone. But as soon as they were old enough, Layla and Sassy were introduced and suddenly had the best friend each of them had always longed for. Cue long summer days getting up to hijinks like this:

11/ Careless Whispers

“I should’ve known better than to cheat a friend, and waste the chance that I’d been given”, whispered one moon bear to another, carelessly. We’re pretty sure all is forgiven.

12/ Comforting a Cub

Moments after arriving at our Vietnam sanctuary, incredibly young moon bear Murphy was given the comfort that such a young cub needs, which instantly calmed him down and helped him recover from the recent trauma of being poached from the wild at just a few months old.

13/ First Contact

The moment bear cub Goldie tried to say hi with his carers was when we knew he was going to be very happy at our Vietnam sanctuary.

14/ Fancy Dress

We hate to play favourites, but Holly just charms our socks off. Here she plays dress up all by herself. Now that’s one playful bear.

15/ Sailing Home

Rescuing two moon bears from an island within Vietnam’s iconic World Heritage archipelago Halong Bay is an experience none of us will ever forget. The satisfaction of sailing home as the sun set on one of the most beautiful areas of the world with two freed moon bears destined for a better life was nothing short of magical.