Jigsaw stars in – “How to take the perfect nap”

07 December 2015

This #MoonBearMonday, Jigsaw is on the hunt for the perfect nap – and as we all know, the perfect nap requires the perfect blanket.

Though he’s not tired just yet, he’s going to take it everywhere he goes, so he’ll have it when he needs it.

Jigsaw sits in the hammock

On the bear bile farm he was rescued from six years ago, this degree of comfort wasn’t an option. So it’s warmed the hearts of everyone at Animals Asia’s Vietnam sanctuary to see how well Jigsaw has adjusted to his new home – where hessian sacks are always an option.

Jigsaw takes the snack from the hammock 1Jigsaw takes the snack from the hammock 3

Bear Manager Kelly Donithan said:

“Bears love the hessian sacks: they destroy them, rip them apart, play tug-of-war, use them for bedding, sleep with them, wear them – really! We often see the bears wearing the sacks on their heads or around their necks.

“Jigsaw is a very playful bear, and it’s anyone’s guess what he’s up to when he picks up an enrichment item in the enclosure. It could be a number of things, but I bet he’s just keeping it close by until he decides what to do with it!”

Jigsaw possibly decides to make a bed with the sack

From the looks of it, Jigsaw has taken the sack from the hammock in the nick of time. Murko and Bridger also have the hammock in their sights – but it doesn’t look like they want to sleep!

Jigsaw plays with his pal in the enlosure