Animals Asia’s growing influence in China recognised

09 October 2015

Animals Asia is recognised at Fourth China Charity Documentary Festival 2015

Animal welfare charity Animals Asia’s growing influence within China has been recognised by accolades – suggesting its anti-animal cruelty message is being heard.

At the Fourth China Charity Documentary Festival, the Animals Asia short film “Find Your Way Back Home” took home the award for best film made by a foundation – out of an overall field of more than 600 movies. The judges included former Oscar winner Yang Ziye, who won best short documentary film for his “The Blood of Yingzhou District”. The festival itself is the largest of its kind in China.

Animals Asia's short film "Find Your Way Back Home" wins the award for the best film made by a foundation at the Fourth China Charity Documentary Festival 2015

The award-winning film tells the story of Oliver’s inspiring rescue, which inspired animal lovers across the world to oppose bear bile farming. In addition, the scene with Chinese citizens rallying to help Oliver as he lay dying at the side of the road showed animal lovers across the world that China cares deeply for its bears.

Oliver survived his ordeal and served as “poster bear” for the campaign to end bear bile farming. He lived for four more years at Animals Asia’s sanctuary.

Now 87 percent of the Chinese population have stated in polls that they are opposed to bear bile farming.


Animals Asia has also been named “Most Influential International Charity” on Weibo – China’s Twitter equivalent.

Gao Yuanyuan backs the fight against bear bile farming

Animal Asia founder Jill Robinson said:

“What this means, in a very clear sense, is that we are reaching more people. It also means that we are no longer an outsider hammering away, trying to be heard. Our message is mainstreamed and our views are not only widely accepted, they are also held by the vast majority of Chinese people. In a country this size – that means millions are with us. What is good news for us is good news for animals, and it’s wonderful that our messages against cruelty are being heard. The speed of change in China continues to inspire us.”

Animals Asia’s social media presence in China is also boosted thanks to so many celebrity friends, who are happy to use their networks to share messages with their followers.