25 November 2020

One life: Turkeys

Turkeys are sensitive, aware, and playful animals capable of a whole spectrum of emotions, and it is only when you allow yourself the time to get to know them that their true characteristics shine through.


11 November 2020

One life: Orangutans

Orangutan are a much loved great ape, the largest arboreal animals in the world, spending over 95% of their time in the trees, eating, travelling and sleeping. However all of the orangutan species are critically endangered, and their habitats are at risk of destruction.


29 October 2020

One life: Bats

Bats are the only mammal that can fly, and they are among the most misunderstood of animals, routinely feared and maligned. During Bat Week we look at some of the most interesting aspects of their life.


21 October 2020

Amazing animals: Reptiles

Today is the annual #ReptileAwarenessDay so we’ve got our Animal Welfare Director Dave Neale to share some amazing animal facts about these incredible and beautiful creatures.


08 October 2020

Animal aspects: The incredible mind of the octopus

For World Octopus Day we learn a little more about these incredible eight-tentacled creatures from Animal Welfare Director, Dave Neale.


20 August 2020

Remembering Tyke

Animal Welfare Director Dave Neale looks back on the tragedy that was the life and death of an elephant named Tyke, on the 26th anniversary of her death and reflects on the lessons the incident teaches us about the relationship between human and elephant.


17 June 2020

Animals lives are in our hands, we have the power and the tools to end their suffering

To mark World Meat Free Week, Animals Asia’s Animal Welfare Director Dave Neale reflects on how we can move to a compassionate meat free world.


16 July 2019

#WorldSnakeDay: Cold-blooded killers, yes – but new research reveals a maternal side

Humans have feared snakes since time immemorial, but scientists now know that even these cold-blooded arch predators have maternal instincts.