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Bears arrive at the sanctuaries, bruised and broken hearted after years of abuse and neglect. By becoming a rescued bear's very own sponsor you'll be helping to give a once-abused bear the life they've always deserved, filled with kindness, friendship and love.

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As a sponsor, you'll be helping to...

Provide the world's best vet care

Vet care

On bear bile farms in China and Vietnam, most bears don't live beyond 15 years old. But here, with your help, they can live up to 35! From life-saving surgery to remove a former bile bear's toxic gallbladder, to lifelong arthritis medicine… your sponsorship will give specialist care at every life stage.



Give a bear a forever home

Bear House

While our community of former bile farmed sun and moon bears can sadly never go back to the wild, your sponsorship gives them the next best thing. From lives spent alone in cages, your gifts rehome bears into beautiful green bear houses with space to run, climb, play and even swim!


Fill once-hungry bear bellies


On bear bile farms, bears are often denied food in an ugly effort to boost their bile production. When they are fed, it's watery, cold, rice-gruel. From pumpkin to bamboo to watermelon, your sponsorship will help to fill once-hungry tummies with the freshest fruits, veggies and special nutritional biscuits!


And long days filled with fun and friends…


They snore. They tumble. They rest. From lives of utter loneliness and neglect beyond belief, there is nothing like the smile and the sound of a happy moon bear. From rugged hammocks fit for king-size boys like Olly, to bear-proof toys and climbing platforms, your sponsorship makes their house a home...


Meet the bears

What makes sponsoring an Animals Asia bear different?

Just like the dogs and cats we share our homes with, every bear is different. Unlike many other sponsorship programmes, we know each and every one of our community of rescued bears personally.

We know their likes and dislikes. We know their personality quirks. We know about the mischief they've been getting up to and who their best friends are. We'd love to share their wonderful lives with you!

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You can view our sponsor a Bear FAQ's here.

*Your monthly sponsorship gifts are used to help your sponsor bear, and all the bears in our care. Your gifts are used to cover the costs of running the bear sanctuaries and giving all our bears the very best lives, and to help Animals Asia work towards an end to all animal suffering in Asia.