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Who's Oliver?

Oliver, the brown bear pictured, survived 30 YEARS on a bear bile farm in a 'full metal jacket'. His stunted and deformed body was broken after decades in a tiny cage.

Watch Oliver's incredible story in this short video:


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Oliver was saved just in time. But without the help of animal lovers like you, Oliver would have died as he lived — alone and in agony.

Although he's gone, we want Oliver's memory to live on forever as a force for good in the world. By signing up to give a regular monthly gift, you'll be playing your part in making sure that no animal ever suffers again, as Oliver did.

Join Oliver's Army — our global community of compassionate people who refuse to be spectators to cruelty.

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It's not just the bears you'll be helping by joining. From the dogs and cats stolen for meat to the wild animals forced to perform in circuses, Oliver is a symbol of hope for all animals in Asia.

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…rescue, rehabilitate and fund life-long care for bears just like Oliver.


...bring an end to the dog and cat meat trade with grassroots outreach and public education in Asia.

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…enrich the lives of Asia's captive wild animals and put an end to forced animal performances.


By joining Oliver's Army, you can be the difference between kindness and cruelty, happiness and suffering.

The person who doesn't say 'someone else will do it', but the one who says 'I will help'...

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