Befriend a Bear

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Ever wanted to have your very own moon bear friend? Now you can!

Befriend a Bear and you can provide a rescued moon bear with a healthy, happy future and help them forget their troubled past. The perfect Christmas, birthday or wedding gifts for animal lovers.

All our rescued bears act as 'ambassadors' for our campaign to end cruel bear bile farming.

You, or the chosen recipient, will receive a special Animals Asia thank you card, photograph, bookmark and information about your new bear friend.

Who will you befriend?

All our bears have their own unique personalities, likes and dislikes. Find your spirit animal below and befriend a bear today.


Bodo - The Peacekeeper

Likes: ANY food, dips in the pool
Dislikes: trouble!
Best Friend: Xuan Xuan

Bodo was rescued in 2003 as a young, anxious bear missing his right front paw, probably a result of being caught in a trap, but he doesn't let this stop him.

A fun-loving and mischievous bear, Bodo gets on with everyone. A true gentleman, he's often seen breaking up 'disagreements' between other bears.

Best identified by his wrinkly forehead!

Befriend Bodo


Jingle - The Escape Artist

Likes: Climbing, sunbathing
Dislikes: Winter
Best Friend: Holly

Brave Jingle was rescued as a cub when she got stuck 12m up a tree. It is believed she had escaped from, or while being transported to, a bile farm. Thankfully, we found her just in time.

She's missing her right front paw, probably from a hunter's snare, but she doesn't let this get her down. She has grown into a playful and sociable little bear.

Best recognised by her huge Minnie Mouse ears.

Befriend Jingle


Dream Mischa Tebs - The Dreamer

Likes: The quiet life, peanuts
Dislikes: A fuss
Best Friend: I prefer my own company

As the 100th bear rescued by our Vietnam sanctuary, Dream Mischa Tebs is very special.

When she was rescued, we were shocked at her condition. One fore paw was missing, while her other has a severe injury fusing her joints together.

She's come a long way since then and she loves to forage for peanuts and apples.

Befriend Dream Mischa Tebs


Freedom - The nosey parker

Likes: Ice lollies, bear watching
Dislikes: NONE
Best Friend: Prince

Despite missing both her forepaws, beautiful Freedom has no trouble dashing about with her moon bear friends.

She's a curious little bear and always very interested when scraps break out between the other bears - watching enthralled, but from a safe distance.

She adores Prince and they spend their days tumbling in the grass and relaxing by the pool.

Befriend Freedom


Irwin Junior - The clown

Likes: Cameras, watermelons, mischief
Dislikes: Not being centre of attention
Best Friend: Brother, Yin Yang

Irwin Junior was rescued in 2008 with his brother after they were found under a bus as wildlife traffickers attempted to smuggle them out of Laos.

As you can see, he loves clowning around and getting up to mischief with his brother.

Irwin is a very handsome and confident young bear and seems to love posing to have his picture taken.

Befriend Irwin Jnr


*Please note: Befriend a Bear gifts are intended as gestures of support for our rescued bears. Your donation will ensure that Animals Asia can continue its vital work on all of its programmes and will be directed to where the most urgent funding is needed.