Befriend a Bear

Befriend a Bear

Through our Befriend a Bear programme, you can help provide the bears with delicious treats for an entire year! Your donation will also help fund play equipment that is essential for their rehabilitation, such as swings and climbing frames.

At £40, Befriend a Bear makes a perfect gift. When you befriend a bear for yourself, family or friends, you will receive a photograph of your bear in a Befriend a Bear display frame, a Befriending Certificate, information on your chosen bear and a beautiful plush moon bear toy!

Meet the bears

We have eight wonderful "ambassador" bears, some rescued as cubs and some after years trapped in cages. All of them represent the remarkable spirit of the moon bear - stoic, forgiving and trusting - with an ability to embrace life and learn to live as bears again.


Bodo came to our China rescue centre as a young, anxious bear missing his right forepaw. He is now a favourite among the bears. 


Despite missing both her forepaws, beautiful Freedom has no trouble dashing about the enclosure, playing with friends. 


George was among 28 bile farm bears rescued in shocking condition from a Chinese farm. He was one of the few survivors. 


Despite missing her right front paw, Jingle was rescued 12m up a tree! She has grown into a happy, playful and sociable little bear. 


Kevin, missing his left front paw, was rescued after many years of painful bile extraction. He is now well known for his big smiles. 


Dream Mischa Tebs has come a long way since arriving at our Vietnam sanctuary with her front paw missing and teeth so badly damaged. 

Irwin Jr  

Irwin Junior was rescued from smugglers in Vietnam. Irwin is now a robust juvenile bear — mischievous, friendly and full of energy. 


Mausi arrived at our Vietnam sanctuary a frightened, traumatised little cub. She is now a sweet-tempered, sociable young bear.