The Brigitte Bardot Foundation provides holistic support to broken bears in China

18 March 2021

Thanks to the generosity of the Brigitte Bardot Foundation and its supporters, our bears in China are enjoying brand new experiences and receiving specialist and bespoke treatment for the very first time.

Brigitte Bardot became a global movie icon in the 1960’s and created The Brigitte Bardot Foundation in 1986. Although at the top of her career in 1973 and only in her 30s, she quit the film industry to follow her passion of protecting and saving animals. 

Since then the foundation has gone from strength to strength and has become recognised as a respected and powerful voice in the global animal rights and animal welfare movements. 

When they heard about bear bile farming and some of the ailments the bears suffered from as a result of being held in small cages for years, the team at the foundation felt compelled to help. 

Their donation enabled our team in China to purchase a much-needed portable x-ray machine which enables the vets to determine the causes of pain and immobility that many of our bears suffer. The team can then draw up personalised health plans for each bear, enabling them to receive the bespoke care they need to live as pain-free and happily as possible.

Ryan Sucaet, Bear & Vet Team Director at our China bear sanctuary said “our team cannot thank the Brigitte Bardot Foundation enough for what they have enabled us to do. They made it possible for so many of our bears to have accurate health checks which will vastly improve their quality of life.”

But it wasn’t just the serious vet stuff the foundation helped the team with. They were also able to deliver truckloads (literally!) of scrummy food for the bears and enrichment items such as straw, fire hose toys, hammocks and more. 

Most if not all of the bears on bile farms have never felt different textures before, only knowing the concrete and metal of their cages. So to experience these new sensations helped pique their curiosity and reminded them that their days of cold, barren floors and neglect were over forever.

From everyone at Animals Asia, our supporters, and of course the bears, we thank the Brigitte Bardot Foundation for helping so many broken bears on their road to recovery.

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