Basic Veterinary Nurse Volunteer Requirements

  • Experience working in veterinary practice in a veterinary nursing role.
  • Preference will be given to applicants with a recognised veterinary nursing qualification . 

Main Duties

  • Make medicated shakes for bears.
  • Walk and feed resident dogs daily. 
  • Assist with weekly and monthly cleaning duties. 
  • Assist with the preparation for bear health-checks and surgeries.
  • Assist with bear health-checks and surgeries. 
  • Help clear away after bear health-checks and surgeries.
  • Observe and monitor bears waking up from anaesthetics.
  • Feed, clean and enrich hospitalised bears in transport cages.
  • Help with small animal work as needed. 
  • Assist the Resident VN with monthly abdomen checks and worming of bears as required.

Please contact us at info@animalsasia.org for information on volunteering.