Education Advisor (Volunteer)

Calling all teachers / educators. We need your help

Are you an educator? Do you want to help improve the lives of animals in China and Vietnam?

Animals Asia is embarking on a new and exciting education programme, working with schools and zoos in both China and Vietnam, we are providing teachers and zoo educators with information and knowledge on animal welfare, asking them to pass this onto their children as the first step in tackling some of the worst animal welfare atrocities from the roots.

Children learning about the true nature of animals and developing empathy for all animals (rather than as animals to be used for our benefit), have the opportunity to turn their backs on some of the practices causing animals to suffer, and act as great advocates to influence their elders.

Our animal welfare teams in China and Vietnam are raising awareness with teachers and educators, about the realities of using animals in circuses, keeping whales and dolphins in captivity, bear farming and the intensive farming of animals for food.

To take this exciting project to the next level we NEED YOUR HELP.

We are looking for experienced teachers/educators to help us to develop resources and lesson plans which allow teachers and their students to explore these issues further in an age appropriate manner. As each lesson plan is drafted we will offer it to our Chinese and Vietnamese partner teachers and educators, for them to adapt to make them relevant to their country and trial with their children.


If you have the skills to develop such lesson plans and educational resources, and you are interested in helping us to potentially shape the education of millions of children in China and Vietnam then please contact me at dneale@animalsasia.org

Dave Neale - Animal Welfare Director, Animals Asia