General Monthly Donations

General Monthly Donations

Thank you for being a lifeline for animals in Asia.

Forward planning is essential for our work, and by pledging a monthly donation, you provide us with stable funding to plan ahead and continue our programmes. Regular donations help us to sustain our long-term projects with confidence, as well as allowing us to prepare for inevitable emergencies.

Monthly donors are the backbone of Animals Asia, allowing us to plan the multiple projects that our programmes involve:

End Bear Bile Farming - working to end the bear bile industry in China and Vietnam for good, through government engagement, bear rescue and sanctuary development, raising public and professional awareness

Cat and Dog Welfare - this programme depends on your compassion to help companion animals in China, offering community help, education and training alongside local welfare groups

Captive Animal Welfare – investigating and improving animal welfare standards, raising public awareness and helping to build China’s veterinary capacity

By making a monthly gift to Animals Asia you help support the continued success of our work to end bear bile farming and improve the lives of dogs, cats and animals living in zoos and safari parks in China.

Setting up a monthly donation is easy - click on the link below to become a monthly supporter.