Champion for Change

Champion for Change

In China, large numbers of cats and dogs – strays and stolen pets – are subject to immense cruelty in live-animal meat markets each year.

Thousands upon thousands are crammed into small cages and trucked across country for days on end, with no food or water, headed to these brutal markets in a small number of provinces. Usually injured and sick from the contagious diseases that spread rampantly in the crammed spaces, their lives end in terror as they are callously slaughtered.


You can become a Champion for Change and provide vital funds to help us work towards ending this cruelty.

By becoming a Champion for Change you will play an important role in helping us champion the growing animal welfare movement in China and improve the lives of thousands of companion animals in Asia.

As a Champion for Change you support …

Cat and Dog Welfare 
Our Cat and Dog Welfare programmes promote education about the welfare of companion animals and strays and work to an end to cat and dog eating in China. Your support will help pay for educational projects, rabies vaccinations, neutering programmes and dissemination of information. We support local rescue groups and shelters with veterinary assistance, medicine, food and shelter guidelines.

Dr Dog
Our Dr Dog animal therapy programme sees therapy dogs and teams of enthusiastic volunteers make regular visits to hospitals, centres for the disabled, homes for the young and elderly, orphanages and schools, spreading warmth and unconditional love to people in need. Your support can help Dr Dog make a positive change in the public perception of dogs and their value as companion animals.

Professor Paws
Our tail-wagging "professors" visit underprivileged schoolchildren in Guangzhou, Chengdu and Shenzhen, China and in Hong Kong, promoting love and respect for all animals. Your donations help support Professor Paws school visits that teach children responsible pet care and how to behave around dogs.


Donating is easy – join our Champion for Change programme and help end the suffering of companion animals in China.