Who silently loves the bears?

Walking in our Chengdu bear sanctuary with our rescued dogs, Muppet and To Zhai, I often take them around to the graveyard where it is quiet and peaceful, and where the river runs gently alongside.

Although it's not very respectful, I can't help smiling when these silly, innocent dogs decide to tear around the mounds, playing a chaotic game of hide and seek, with no thought for those sleeping quietly beneath the ground.

Graveyard 1

Every so often, however, something makes me catch my breath - flowers laid carefully on many of the bears' graves. I don't know if this is one person, or several, who comes along to pay a silent tribute to Andrew, Rupert, Franzi and all of the bears we have loved and lost.

Graveyard 2

This time, where the legacy of winter has seen the grass fade from the graves, some kind person has recently laid white roses. With spring on its way, this beautiful place of peace will soon be green and lush again, with a kaleidoscope of delicate, white butterflies fluttering amongst the mounds. The roses will fade and die but, at some quiet time, they will be replaced again.......

Whoever you are, thank you from the voiceless for remembering them so kindly still.

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