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Join me this Thursday for London event

Further to my previous blog - I'll be at various events in the UK this week, and updating about our challenges in Vietnam.

I always love coming back to the UK - even after living in Asia for nearly thirty years it's just good to return to what will always be my second home. This year, I'm especially looking forward to taking part in a fascinating joint event at the Royal Geographical Society, London with our good friends at David Shepherd Wildlife Foundation. "Healing without Harm" takes place this Thursday, 18th October

I'll be joining well-known TV presenter Mark Carwardine and EIA’s lead investigator, Debbie Banks, to discuss the legal and illegal trade in bear bile and tiger parts.

I'll be focusing on the truly horrible practice of bear farming and, together with Debbie, talking about the exploitation of endangered species, which is fuelling a multi-million pound industry that is devastating wild populations and inflicting unnecessary pain on captive animals. We shall be looking at the trade, at farming, at the rise of public support, and what can be done to stop the suffering.

I'm particularly pleased that we are to be joined by Dr Kaicun Zhao, Vice President of the Association of Traditional Chinese Medicine who fully supports the concept of Healing without Harm and why we can - and should - live without animal products in traditional medicine.

Please do come and join us in London. This is one of the most important issues both in conservation and animal welfare and it should be a fascinating and enlightening evening. Please click here to buy tickets or phone our UK office.

See you there!

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