Campaign to end bear bile tours

Vietnam is fast becoming aware of the laws that protect the bears, with many officials now working closely with our Vietnam Director Tuan Bendixsen. These past couple of weeks are no exception as, together, Tuan and the authorities joined in a public-education programme in Ha Long Bay Vietnam — scene of many bear farmers clearly flouting the law.

Posters in Vietnamese, Korean and English were put up in local hotels and on the wharf where boatloads of tourists arrive (400 boats at any one time) and are persuaded to buy "fresh bile" as part of their holiday experience.


Tuan and the authorities also met with the bear farmers in a tense meeting where compensation was demanded..... and refused, considering that the farmers know that they are engaging in an illegal practice and have had every chance over the past 20 years to move into alternative businesses.

Congratulations to Tuan and team for helping the authorities and keeping this issue well and truly in the public eye.

As most people know, the politics are endlessly complicated, but our campaign continues to push for the final resolution and plans are already under way to repeat the whole exercise next May during peak tourist season.

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