Double ‘double happiness’

We recently received a letter from Christine Yan Qing, who was so very special to us all during her years with Animals Asia at our China sanctuary. Christine even (very generously and very patiently) began Chinese lessons for the Westerners in her spare time!

After meeting Lance in Chengdu, she left Animals Asia in December to marry in Lance's home town in the USA – a big, big move for her for so many reasons, but she’s settling in well to her new married life.

Congratulations Christine and Lance. And thank you Christine for all your hard work and help for the bears, dogs and cats of China. We miss you – and your beautiful smile!

Here’s the lovely letter we received from Christine:

My name is Yan Qing. I am known as Christine when I was working at Animals Asia's Moonbear Rescue Center in Longqiao, China. I used to work in the Vet Department as their Liaison Offer. I am so lucky and honored working with the most wonderful people in the world. Working for AAF is considered one of the most amazing time of my life and I am so proud that I am a part of it, and always will.

I got married on 12/19/2009 in Cooks, MI, where my husband's hometown is. It is very COLD, snowing very hard there, but very beautiful. Lance (my husband) and I settle down in Canton MI now, as Lance found a job in this area.

Life here is so different from China. I feel like I am learning something new every day. My cooking skills definitely improved.:) I miss having animals around so bad. I hope I could find some places like AAF here so that I can help animals again. It is very hard. Because Animals Asia is the best!

Wedding bells have been ringing closer to home too, with Xiao Yong, our hardworking assistant bear team leader in Chengdu marrying his lovely girlfriend, Cai Yanxia, in January.

We’re thrilled that Xiao Yong has found a beautiful girl who is so supportive of his work. Yanxia showed real concern for the bears when she visited our rescue centre to see just what her husband-to-be did, and was fascinated by the attention that went into the bears’ rehabilitation and daily care.

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