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Animal therapy executive-style!

This week saw our Dr Dogs involved in a truly remarkable exercise. Dr Eddie and our team of canine therapists reached out to executives of the Hong Kong and Shanghai Bank (HSBC) – and charmed them all. We were invited to take part in a series of anti-stress workshops as part of HSBC’s Work Life Balance Day and visited four locations across Hong Kong.

It was a surreal and almost unbelievable experience as dozens of suited office personnel turned up at each venue to say hello to their four-legged consultants and left after their “session” with beaming smiles on their faces and dog hair on their suits!

During the time they were on their knees giving tummy tickles to a very delighted Eddie, and team – Lucky, Remy, Cha Cha, Baby, Bebi, Goldie, Jack, Lucky, Micky, P Tsai, Pancake, Remy, Waltz, and Yat Yat – they were told that their blood pressure, cholesterol and stress levels were being reduced and their immune system boosted! They all agreed that the experience was better than coffee and went back to their offices with mind and body balanced.

HSBC Director Peter Wong arrived in the middle of the throng and didn't hesitate to scoop up Eddie (an ex-market dog destined for the food table) for the cameras.

A dog lover himself, it was clear that the event had moved him deeply and a press release was sent out the very next day from HSBC endorsing the unconditional love of dogs who could offer a relaxed respite from a busy working day.

A huge thank you to Marnie, Cassy, Arvid, Mark and team who worked tirelessly to make the day such a success and of course to Eddie and our Dr Dog ambassadors, who greeted each new recipient of their unique and effective therapy as if they were long-lost friends.

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