Non-profit organisations rely on the commitment and generosity of responsible entrepreneurs. Animals Asia has been fortunate to have the support of companies that have contributed through co-operation, in kind, or through cash donations to ensure that our organization continues to grow and work towards our goals.

If your organisation can help contribute to Animals Asia's work, please contact us at: [email protected]


Animals Asia is proud to collaborate with Miomojo. Recently launched by the talented Claudia Pievani, Miomojo produces an eco-friendly line of handbags. Miomojo is generously donating a percentage of the sales of their handbags worldwide.

Wild Crossing

Animals Asia is proud to be a wildlife partner of Wild Crossing, who sells an assortment of apparel, jewelry, home goods and gifts. The mission of Wild Crossing is to raise awareness of the threats facing wildlife and support organizations who are leading the way in wildlife conservation but also to help communities in which wildlife lives. 60% of their goods are fair trade, and no animal products are used in any items sold. They are donating $5 to $10 of every item purchase to wildlife partner organizations.