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Recent Blog Posts

Good Luck, Goodbye, Rainbow

2016年09月21日, 08:04上午 |

Rainbow returns to freedom and a life that was almost cruelly taken from her.


Rainbow – snared for greed

2016年08月26日, 18:26下午 |

Emergency rescue: snared in the wild, a bear cub's life hangs in the balance.


Recently, we saw a wonderful visit on site at our bear sanctuary in Chengdu from children who were part of the 'CBRC Helping the Poor Summer Camp'.


Today we are 18!

2016年08月08日, 17:20下午 |

On the 18th anniversary of the launch of Animals Asia, our promise today is as true as it was then – to help victims of cruel captivity, to work until the very last bear farm has closed, and until dogs and cats can be celebrated as our friends, not food.


Thank you UK!

2016年07月31日, 13:07下午 |

Amazing supporters, awesome events - huge thanks to all for a wonderful UK summer of support and celebration.


Tedx talks, Ms Chen and guide dog Jenny

2016年07月15日, 10:48上午 |

A moving story of acceptance has a surprising epilogue in Xi'an, China


Debating Yulin

2016年06月21日, 11:40上午 |

With the Yulin festival being highlighted in media across the world it's important to recognise that much is being discussed and actioned by local groups within China, whose work continues all year round.


Peter Egan - Animals Asia's UK Ambassador in China

2016年06月20日, 12:53下午 |

Our wonderful UK Ambassador, Peter Egan, visits the China Bear Rescue Centre.


Our 'Foodie' - Quantock

2016年05月27日, 14:09下午 |

Though scarred and damaged, Quantock quickly found his joy.


Jasper - farewell our peacemaker.

2016年05月05日, 10:22上午 |

Sadness and tears as we celebrate the life of one of our most incredible bears, Jasper.